Is Consciousness a Miracle?

Comments from Dr. Xie Ming (Singapore)

Our universe consists of at least two worlds, which include “the world of matter” and “the world of lives or souls”. Occidental science is focusing on the study of “the world of matter”, while oriental religion has been focusing on the study of “the world of lives or souls”. It is a challenge for scientists and educators from both occidental science and oriental religion (which may be totally different from occidental religion) to communicate and exchange the truths which come from the universe’s two different worlds.

However, it is important for scientists and educators not to confuse between biology and lives (or souls). Biology is not about the study of life, but the study of the material aspect of biological body. One secret of the universe is the truth which reveals that each human being has three bodies such as physical body (i.e., biological body), mental body, and spiritual body (i.e., life or soul). This secret tells us that awareness and consciousness have nothing to do with physical body or biological body (which includes brain).

It is my strong belief that in order to advance our understanding of the entire universe, all the governments on Earth must make all the universities to equally embrace the education and research of both occidental science and oriental religion. This is a call for awakening and action. One immediate action could be to establish government-funded academies of philosophy or religion if those visionary governments are courageous enough. 

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Dr. Xie Ming


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