The discussion on the setup of the Robotics Society of Singapore was triggered by the invitation from Professor Tomomasa Kato, the 2010 President of Robotics Society of Japan, to Prof. Xie Ming. In the invitation, Prof. Xie Ming has been invited to represent Singapore to participate to the annual meeting under the name of Asian Robotics Society Summit. With the help from James Lee and Xu Jin, the scope and vision for Robotics Society of Singapore have been drafted. And, we position ourselves as a professional, and not-for-profit, body which aims at nurturing friendship and promoting robotics among those corporations and individuals who believe that robots will be a big thing to come, to play, and to contribute to the mankind and the modern society. The registration of RSS was approved by the Singapore government on 29 November, 2010 and was given the UEN number, which is T10SS0158F. Since its inception, RSS becomes a member of Asian Robotics Society Union (ARSU) (www.asian-robotics.org). And, RSS will represent Singapore to attend ARSU’s annual meetings on regular basis.

新加坡机器人专业协会成立于2010年11月29号。 它是一个在新加坡内政部正式注册 (注册号: T10SS0158F) 的民间非赢利专业团体。 自成立之日起, 新加坡机器人专业协会就代表新加坡成为亚洲机器人协会联盟 (www.asian-robotics.org) 的正式成员之一。 它的宗旨是联络对机器人学感兴趣的各阶层专业人士、学者和学生。它的功能是促进机器人在新加坡的教学、科研、娱乐、保健、护理、工业自动化、服务自动化、交通自动化、医疗智能化、国防现代化、以及其它领域的推广和运用。 在新加坡的五所大学、五所理工学院、以及众多的技术学校里,都有大量的机器人爱好者。另外,新加坡的中小学也有无数的机器人俱乐部。