Interview with idealist physicist and inventor of the microprocessor

Comments from Dr. Xie Ming (Singapore)

I am happy see that he has more or less reached the same conclusion as me about the origin or root of intelligence. Since 2009, I always told people that intelligence arises from mind, but not brain.

However, it is sad to see that a lot of investments has been wasted recently to AI projects which follow the assumption that intelligence arises from brain. It is ironic to see that some smart-but-not-intelligent people are being hugely funded to do research projects which are focusing on finding the truth about intelligence. Now, we see that universities and governments are establishing rules and regulations to protect the users of non-explainable and non-trustful AI systems as well as AI products. A great joke in the history of science! 

It may be surprising or shocking for many people to believe the statement which is say that brain is brain while mind is mind.  The good news is that all human beings could experience the separation of mind from brain by themselves or by properly trained guidance. This is the reason behind another important suggestion of mine, which is to establish government-funded academies of philosophy. Their mission is to consolidate the truths, repeatable experiments, and repeatable demonstrations about lives, minds and intelligence.

So far, science is helping us to understand the secrets from one side of the universe. We are now in a historical moment to satisfy our curiosities about the secrets from another side of the universe. For example, quantum-related topics in science are good evidence behind such curiosities. However, not many people know or recognize that ancient philosophies have already achieved many astonishing findings. Hence, it is quite straightforward for government-funded academies of philosophy to achieve impactful success and contributions to humanity and civilization.

It is my evidenced belief that without leveraging on the understanding of the truths about lives, minds and intelligence, there is no way for AI to achieve any meaningful or impactful outcomes.

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Dr. Xie Ming


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